Impakt and Zooks Local TAKEOVER VOL III

Takeover by some of the best up and comers and seasoned veterans in the scene.

18+ ($3 surcharge under 21)
$10 tickets at the door

Digital Hearts Presents: CHRISSY w/ Brent Nuro, and X. Wilson

“Chrissy is one of my fave people in music. He’s not only extremely talented and a walking talking dance encyclopedia, he is also someone whose stance I really respect…he actively tries to debunk the gatekeeper mentality that dance music is sadly still haunted by, all with a really constructive approach and positive attitude, truly opening doors for newer blood.” – Violet

“Chrissy is one of the best DJs to ever walk the earth and I am just going to keep saying it until everyone agrees with me.” – The Black Madonna

“One of the most versatile and knowledgeable DJ/producers on the planet” – Jerome Hill

“The living embodiment of a ‘DJ’s DJ'” – Mixmag

“A virtual walking encyclopedia of the last 30 years of dance music” – XLR8R

“An underground master” -FACT Magazine

Positive Vibrations Presents: LYFTD, Collidoscope, Nmezee, Curvatur3

LYFTD has come bursting out of the thick Denver scene with its high-energy futuristic sound. Incorporating hip-hop, funk, rock and soul into their dance inspired tracks, this duo is pushing new boundaries with their unique sound and delivering shows that resonate with all music lovers. Led by Andrew Scully on production and guitar, as well as DJ and producer, Cody Keen, LYFTD performances are a roller coaster of a ride with a main objective of getting the party people moving.

Walter Wilde

Forbidden Sessions

Suicide Commando

Forbidden Sessions

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