Sabbatical Sundays (Late Night Party)

ð˜Œð˜·ð˜¦ð˜³ð˜º ð˜šð˜¶ð˜¯ð˜¥ð˜¢ð˜º ð˜¸ð˜¦â€™ð˜³ð˜¦ ð˜°ð˜¯ ð˜šð˜¢ð˜£ð˜£ð˜¢ð˜µð˜ªð˜¤ð˜¢ð˜­. ð˜‘ð˜°ð˜³ð˜¥ð˜¢ð˜¯ ð˜‰ð˜¢ð˜¶ð˜®ð˜´ð˜µð˜¢ð˜³ð˜¬ ð˜¢ð˜¯ð˜¥ ð˜“ð˜°ð˜°ð˜¨ð˜¦ð˜º ð˜±ð˜­ð˜¢ð˜º ð˜©ð˜°ð˜´ð˜µ ð˜µð˜° ð˜’ð˜¢ð˜¯ð˜´ð˜¢ð˜´ ð˜Šð˜ªð˜µð˜ºâ€™ð˜´ ð˜°ð˜¯ð˜­ð˜º ð˜ºð˜¦ð˜¢ð˜³ ð˜³ð˜°ð˜¶ð˜¯ð˜¥ ð˜·ð˜¢ð˜¤ð˜¢ð˜µð˜ªð˜°ð˜¯ ð˜ªð˜¯ð˜´ð˜±ð˜ªð˜³ð˜¦ð˜¥ ð˜±ð˜¢ð˜³ð˜µð˜º.
⃠Late Night Event Every Sunday âƒ
Ladies Free | Drink Specials | 21+
Hosted By: Loogey & Jordan Baumstark

Underground Original Styles

Hosted By: Negro Scoe
Sounds By: DJ Boats
Performances By: Def Ear
FK Menace
Vimana Isya
Los Cauz
Heath Heathen

The Vibe

Roswell Vil
Ape Gang B
Santina Vega

Messy Monday “Pop Up Party”

Messy Monday “Pop Up Party”
No Limit vs. Cash Money
Vinyl Richy vs. Maxx Gruv
21+ with valid id

Afton Showcase

Stoley Mac , BQUYET, Cierra Camille, MacODamian

Press Play

Toasted Presents: Grit Thursday

Toasted Presents: Grit Thursday

Performance From Gas Gang (Guala and Skitz)
with Yung Cat
Doors at 8|Performances at 9
21+ with valid ID | Security Strictly Enforced

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