God Module

With Special Guests: Absynth of Faaith, Finite Automate, Sin Wheel, Evil Kunst
Plus Extra Performances By: Infernal Firegrind Circus


Royal Tusk with The Dose, From the Ashes, Twisted Dragon

Blue-collar troubadours from the Great White North, ROYAL TUSK are steadfast champions of the majesty of kickass riffs, meaty hooks, a thick bottom end, and loud guitars. The four-piece band born in Edmonton, Alberta mount a high-octane assault on the lazy security-blanket self-aware irony of hipsters and the disingenuous commercial pandering of rock poseurs alike.

All Star Benefit for Jason Dean

Doors at 7pm
Special Performances By: Redline Chemistry and Sidewise
Plus: Seattle (Kansas City’s Dominating Tribute to GRUNGE)
and SURPRISE guests

Powerman 5000 “20th Anniversary Tour”

With Special Guests: Vibralux, Sidewalk Celebrity, In The Shadow

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